Our Valentine's Gift Guide

Our Valentine's Gift Guide
We know tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but is it ever really TOO LATE to treat yourself? 
We've put together a gift guide of all the things we're loving on for Valentine's this year. 


We all know the hype behind all things SKIMS but you can't go wrong with the SKIMS classic hoodie. The perfect balance of baggy and fitted. Not to mention the cotton fleece is so comfy and soft. Of course we're loving the light pink Cherry Blossom color but you really can't go wrong with any of the colors.


If you haven’t started using a facial ice roller in your skin routine, let us introduce you to the easiest way to step up your routine. The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller is the perfect way to feel pampered every morning. Not only does ice rolling help reduce puffiness and redness, it’s also the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning (besides Wellah’s Perfect Pick-me-up of course). Not to mention it’s cute and the perfect pink


Introducing the best pillowcase ever. Not only does satin help protect your skin and hair so you can wake up feeling cute and ready for the day, it also helps keep your pillow at the most perfect temperature which we all know the cold side of the pillow is the best. Cold side of the pillow, skin and hair benefits, AND the perfect pink shade? Yes please.


Talk about a gift that every girl needs. This travel pill case on amazon is definitely a fan favorite here at Wellah. It’s extremely versatile yet it’s not a complete eye sore, basically a win-win. Use it to keep daily supplements organized, use as a traveling first aid kid, store jewelry for travel, the uses really are endless. Grab whatever size and color you want and expect to be using this Valentine’s gift for EVERYTHING.


We all know about “hot girl walks” but don’t you think it’s time to spice it up?? Add bala bangles ankle weights to your hot girl walk and prepare to have the best walk yet! You can also add them to any low impact exercise to really elevate your workout. Obviously we recommend the Blush pink color but any color is bound to look good with your gym fit.


It wouldn’t be the perfect Wellah Valentine’s Gift Guide without a shameless plug. Let’s be real, your diet and supplements are the foundation for a better you. Grab Protein Your Whey, The Afterglow Collagen, and Perfect Pick-me-up for half off right now! It’s the best way to try out our products and fall in love.


Happy Valentine's Shopping 💕

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