Collagen – Should you supplement with it?

Collagen – Should you supplement with it?

We often talk about the different types of protein, whey, plant and casein. Did you know there’s another type of protein that is the most abundant protein found in the human body? It’s called collagen. Collagen is one of the major building blocks of our skin, bones, muscles and tendons. It is found in many of our blood vessels, teeth and corneas. But should you supplement with it?

Collagen can be thought of as the “glue” that holds things in our body together. It provides structure to our bones, skin, tendons and ligaments. It is also found in our blood vessels, corneas, and teeth.

Although collagen is a source of protein, it is not a complete protein. Because of this, we cannot recommend taking it to gain muscle or hit your macros. But we’ll get into that. First, let’s learn a little bit more about collagen.

Why supplement with collagen?

As we age, our body produces less collagen. Not only that, but our body also produces a lower quality of collagen. As a result, we see wrinkles, sagging skin, and sore joints as we age. Supplementing with collagen can help improve skin elasticity and relieve joint pain. 

Where does collagen come from?

Collagen is found in animal products such as bone broth, gelatin and chicken skin. The two types of collagen supplements that have been gaining popularity are hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin. These have been broken down into smaller peptides, making them easier for our bodies to absorb.

There are some vegan collagens on the market, but they include ingredients that help our bodies produce collagen instead of providing our bodies with actual collagen.

Research isn’t clear on whether eating collagen-rich foods helps to increase collagen production. So keep that in mind when choosing between a vegan vs animal product collagen supplement.

In Conclusion

Collagen is great for a lot of reasons. It’s great for our joints, hair, skin, nails, tendons, and bones. Collagen does contain protein, but it is not a complete protein. This means is will not help you gain muscle or hit your macros. Because of this we do not recommend taking collagen as a protein supplement. Instead, take it for your joint and overall health.

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